Young French Cinema in St. Petersburg
in terms of cooperation between Bordeaux and St. Petersburg

Organisateurs de projets
Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and TV
The Institut Français in St. Petersburg
Association "Centre of Festivals France - Russia"
Bordeaux Montaigne University
Bordeaux City Hall
ECLA Agency of Aquitaine

23 November, 2016

Screening hall of the Saint Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and TV

École nationale supérieure Louis Lumière
I Have an Eye on these things
2016, fiction, 8 min.
Director: Clément Clareton
A hair salon in the ‘60s.Yvonne is eyeing the barber up when a policeman comes for a shave. He’s investigating a killer that exclusively targets young women. The murder weapon: a straight razor. Quickly, Yvonne grows suspicious
A Misunderstanding
2016, fiction, 12 min.
Director: Louis Roux
Paris, in a few years. Apolline et Léo meet and fall in love. But their differences will undermine their relationship and love.
Université Bordeaux Montaigne
Prejudged against Shadows
2016, fiction, 5 min.
Director : Emmanuel Plasseraud
With Anastasia Lebedeva, Leopold Faurisson, Ann Chapelot and Anastassia Molina
Back in Russia, after having passed one year as student in Bordeaux, Katia discovers that the world she knew is not the same anymore.
ECLA of Aquitaine
2015, fiction, 29 min.
Director: Alice Douard
Summer. Julie works on the toll highway in the south of France and at the same time she is training for participation in amateur football match, organized by her sister Natalie.
2016, fiction, 33 min.
Director: Nora Martirosyan
In the Airbus 320-200, which left Paris with 150 passengers heading to Yerevan, you can feel everyone’s excitement. In the confined space of the plane, during the flight, passengers will share intimacy, souvenirs and fears with other travelers they will never see again.
Université Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne (Paris)
2016, documentary, 6 min.
Director : David Kajman
A subjectivity resounds with a rhythm of the building located in the center of Paris like trying to understand how it was made and what was the story of its creation.
Maison d’eden
2016, documentary, 10 min.
Director: Marisa Ingold
The architectural history of a unique urban residential area, an area which embodies the dream of fully successful social cohesion: the environmentally friendly neighborhood of EDEN BIO, located in the 20th district of Paris. So precisely how do people live there?
Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris)
2016, documentary, 5 min.
Director : Florent Jouen
Portrait of a man, or of a woman, or the portrait of both of them. Because in the course of the discours, it is a true genre crossing.
A hundred nuances of the French cinema
2016, documentary, 7 min.
Directors: Pauline Boisseau, Manon Clautour, Fanny Poly
A hundred nuances of the French cinema or How the French cinema is different as a certain genre. Between the past and the present, what is there in common, what are the renewals?
«Stakes and Prospects of the Russian Cinema: French Case»
Kristian Fiegelson, a sociologist and professor of the Sorbonne, will present prospects of the Russian cinema, investigating its perception in France from the 1920s to nowadays.
Kristian Feigelson (lecturer)
Professor of the Institute for research on cinema and audio-visual media (Paris 3 University - New Sorbonne), sociologist, specialist in the cinema of Central and Eastern Europe. Kristian Feigelson published different books, among which «The film factory: jobs and professions» (2011) and many works on Russia (Кино и сталинизм). He was President of the jury of the festival “Message to the Man” in St. Petersburg.
Daria Tsukanova (program coordinator)
Director of the Centre of Festivals France – Russia and president of the Slavic Association of the l’Université Bordeaux Montaigne, a postgraduate student of the Institute of Information Science and Communication (Bordeaux) and the Institute of International Economics and Business (People’s Friendship University of Russia), teacher at these universities.
Elena Smirnova (program coordinator)
Coordinator of the Club of Russian Cinema of the Centre of Festivals France – Russia, engineer of cultural and intercultural projects, teacher of Intercultural Communication at the Polytechnic National Research University of Perm, Russia